Hello, everyone!
Welcome to A5cooking(A5= eigo=英語= English) .
We provide a fun and relaxed environment for Japanese students to practice English conversation while learning a wide variety of international cullinary skills.
We also teach customized courses in English or Japanese for Japanese cuisine. Either way A5cooking provides a chance to use your language skills in the kitchen.

Beginners and internationals students are more than welcome!

Anyone that is interested in cooking in Japanese or English is welcome! If you dont speak Japanese or English, is ok too. We can adjust level and content of course to your language skills. Just let us know.
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Small Classes

1-6people per class in a relaxing, open & friendly atomosphere.

Catering to your needs
We can provide catering to your residents or location. Please contact us for details.


If there is a paricular cuisine you would like to learn to master,
please dont hesitate to make an inquiry.
・Fine Dining (For your home party)
・House hold Dinner
・Kids party Food
・Finger Food
・Picnic Food 


We are open almost everyday and have 3classes per day.
Please choose the time that is convenient foy you from oud daily schedule.
・19:00-21:00(night class)
※time will differ accoridng to the menu.

According to your level and theme we do all sorts of cooking!


Basic Class (2h)
・Per/class 5,500yen~6,500円(private +1000円・19:00 night classes +1000円)
・The lesson includes :reciepe,3course meal,ingredients,tea or coffee.
Lots of info & conversation on related topics.
・time:2hours(can differ according to the menu)

Fine Dining Class(3h)
・Per/class 10,000yen ~(private +1000円・19:00 night classes +1000円)
・time:3hours(can differ according to the menu)
※Fee can change according to the menus and ingredients.

☆For this month's menu and schedule, please check our Schedule page
★To book and contact us directly, please mail us from our Contact page

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